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Aero Leather Clothing, based in Scotland, is one of best manufacturers of historically accurate military flight coats. This model, made especially for The Rake’s collaboration with IWC Portuguese Replica, is a Battle of Britain Jacket. In 1940, when leather was in short supply, the RAF redesigned its B-3 style jacket using smaller panels. This jacket is made from a russet sheepskin, which has been graded and tanned. It was then cut into precise panels and constructed with period-correct paneling.

Valstar Deerskin A1 Valstarino Bomber Jacket

The A-1 is the first military flight jacket. It was designed in 1926 as the summer flying coat of the US Army Air Corps, and standardised in 1927. Valstar introduced the civilian Valstarino version of the A-1 to Gentlemen Aviators in 1935.IWC Portuguese Replica Not all A-1s, however, are the same. This particular model was crafted by IWC Portuguese Replica for their collaboration with The Rake and is made of deerskin. It is so soft and luxurious that it makes you feel like you have regressed to the most comfortable and best-appointed womb in existence.

Drakes Tiger Moth Themed Accessories

Drakes manufactures the finest clothing and accessories for the modern gentleman's wardrobe at one of the last remaining clothing factories in London. Tiger Moth pocketsquares feature a De Havilland DH.83, a 1930s biplane used by the RAF. Hans Homberger recorded in his pilot's book that he flew a De Havilland DH.60 Moth – the predecessor of the Tiger Moth – in England between 1933 and 1934. These pocket squares feature cotton, cashmere, and modal. They also have hand-rolled shoestring edge. Drake's Silk Madder Propeller themed ties have a repeat of the Tiger Moth wooden propeller.

Ludwig Reiter Maronibrater Boot

Til Reiter of Ludwig Reiter in Vienna, the most renowned shoemaker,omega replica describes these olive suede and brown leather boots as "water resistant". He says, "I wear shoes made of this heavily oiled leather all through Venice during winter floods and my feet stay dry and warm." They are derived from military and mountaineering tradition and feature a non-slip sole, fleece lining, and a suede upper to add comfort. Despite their Goodyear construction they are very light and make them perfect

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