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We have a house in Montana if you can tell me where it is. It's an island in the middle of a lake. I had been told by my brother to look up at the sky one particular day. He came in his fighter jet, and I am sure that he did it illegally. He did a small airshow for his brother. I was like, "Oh my god, what power, speed, agility, and manoeuvrability!" And the freedom of knowing that my brother is doing something really cool for me. "I think that moment was when I decided that that is what I wanted to do."

It was here that CAPT Jim DiMatteo, now retired, began his 25-year career as an aviator in the US Navy. He has a long list of impressive credentials. CAPT Jim DiMatteo graduated from the University of California Berkeley in 1986.Replica Watches He graduated from the Navy Fighter Weapons School, and even served in combat, including Operation Desert Storm 1990.

In the cockpit, CAPT Jim DiMatteo wears his IWC Big Pilot Replica's Watch "Strike Fighter Tactics instructor" Chronograph Edition

What is the TOPGUN adversary squadron? It's not Top Gun from 1986, nor did CAPT DiMatteo need to "feel the desire for speed" to join the TOPGUN Adversary Squadron. This is an elite force of US Navy pilots. They are people who have excelled so much that they were chosen to be trained in the mindset of an enemy. They learn to be great "bad guys". Does this mean that CAPT DIMatteo was forced to train in order to become a more evil version of him?

"The entire TOPGUN Adversary universe, from the fighter-pilot perspective, is our coup de grace." "It's the pinnacle, if you like, of what we can achieve, in terms of making the national squad, and representing the very best of your country for your specific skillset," says CAPT DiMatteo. It's something of which everyone is very proud. It's a great feeling to be chosen, to be an Adversary and help someone else. It's very rewarding to achieve your goals and fly.Patek Philippe Replica Watches It is also rewarding to help another pilot achieve their goals by flying.

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